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For the Love of a Hummingbird

hummingbird (1)Welcome everyone to our brand new blog!   As you know, I’m Stacy Lynn and I’m thrilled that you’ve decided to stop by and join us for a little inspiration and education.  My hope and prayer is that as you join me here on the blog, you become the “flying jewel” that you truly are!

Let me explain why you see a hummingbird on my page.  When I told a few people that I was picking a hummingbird as my visual logo I received a few funny looks, which just made me laugh because I’ve never been one to do the boring, cookie cutter thing…ever.

Seriously, should I have  a whistle as my logo?  For what, so that you instantly think “COACH!” – As the apostle Paul once said, “May it never be!”

I picked the hummingbird because the hummingbird is by far one of the most amazing birds that God has created.  The hummingbird is referred to as a “Flying Jewel” in the Spanish culture, and when I read that, I instantly thought, “How cool is that!”

I have to admit that I also had a picture of diamonds and rubies being thrown through the air also, which is exactly why I decided to go with the hummingbird theme.  If just the term “flying jewel” can invoke in my mind a picture of valuable diamonds and rubies being thrown all over the place, then how much more so the brilliance that lies within each human heart, and that is exactly what this is about.

As humans, fully loved by God and created by Him for His pleasure, the relationship with Him is the cure for all that hinders us.  I believe that to the core of who I am and I want you to believe that also.

If God created the hummingbird with such precision and intention and He made the hummingbird do all of these crazy and insane things that scientists are baffled by, then how much more valuable and important are YOU!

Did you know that a hummingbird visits and drinks nectar from at least 1000 flowers every day?   It’s true!  Did you know that you impact the lives of thousands of people also?  That’s true, except you may not  know this, until someone tells you.

Did you know that the hummingbird has the ability to hide their brilliant colors or flash them when necessary?  It’s true!  Did you know that you have that same ability with the gifts and talents that God has given you?  It’s true and I’m happy to let you know, because maybe you didn’t know this!  Or maybe you’re a genius and you did :)

My point here, is that just like a hummingbird has a uniqueness all its own, so do you and my hope and prayer is that as you begin to see the beauty in the creation that you are, that you excel and fly above the rest.

You may be in the beginning stages of your journey.  In the world of the hummingbird that is what they call the “pinkie” stage.  This is where you’re being birthed and coming out of your shell.    Or maybe you’re in the “nestling” stage, where you’re a little further along and still hanging within the security of your old habits and surroundings.  Maybe you’re in the “fledgling” stage where you have taken flight, but you still have things that keep you hopping around on the ground.

Whatever the stage you’re in, it’s okay!   I once read that an expert in something started as a beginner first.  We all started in our mother’s womb, where the Lord, fearfully and wonderfully made us for His glory.

And since God created you, you’re here for a reason.   So, I thank you for joining me and for taking flight with me as we soar to new heights in our faith, in our relationships and in what we broadcast to the world.

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